Kamtron HD Wireless Camera and Nanny Cam Review

Kamtron HD Wireless Camera and Nanny Cam 

Looking for a way to keep your home safe with everyone and everything you left in it without shelling out too much money? The Kamtron HD Wi-Fi Camera is the way to go. It offers you highly valuable benefits at a price of $79 Amazon. The camera has the night vision feature, motion detection and two-way communication, wide angle of view, SD card slot and the pan and tilt feature.

Setup and installation

It is not a huge task to set up the Kamtron HD Wireless Camera. All that you need to do is scan the QR code in the manual to download the app to your tablet or smartphone. Once the app has been download, scan the camera’s QR code and it connects to your device automatically. Although this is a pretty simple process, some people however have had issues with it while doing it this way over Wi-Fi connection. Another option that works if Wi-Fi does not is to connect using an Ethernet cable.

Features and Specifications

Two-way communication – Yes

SD Card Slot – Yes

Night Vision – Yes, can capture up to 20 feet.

Viewing angle: 62 degrees.

Resolution: 720p

Pan and Tilt: 350 and 100 degrees respectively.

USB Charging available.

Two-way Communication 

The Kamtron Wireless Camera makes it possible to not only see what is going on in your home or business, but also affords you the chance to talk to whoever is at the other end. You can talk to your kids or partner or even help with your kids’ school work. The built in microphone and speaker work really well in capturing and relaying sounds respectively.

This is a great feature with which you can also monitor your nanny or even sing your baby a lullaby. Also, in the event that an intruder enters your home, the two-way communication feature can help you inform them that they had better find their way out lest the police finds them there. This is a great feature with so much advantages.

Night vision and Motion Detection

The Kamtron Wireless IP camera has one infrared LED for night vision. This IR LED can capture up to 20 feet and streams images live in black and white at nights. So it does not matter where you are, you can keep watch over your home and loved ones 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Isn’t this great? Even though you are not physically present, you get to be a part of things.

The camera also has the motion detection feature which helps you detect any kind of activity within the view of the camera. An alert with a snapshot of what triggered the detection is sent to your smartphone. This gives you an idea of whatever it is so you can either call the police or not.

Pan and Tilt and Zoom feature 

With a wide angle field of view of 62 degrees as well as a remote pan and tilt feature, the camera lets you move the lens around to view everything going on in the room. Right on the app, you can zoom in on live images and videos.

Memory Storage

The Kamtron Wireless Camera comes with an SD Card Slot in which you can insert your SD card to save recorded files. There is no need for a cloud storage service or having to save files on your smart mobile device. Everything is saved right on the SD Card from which you can transfer to your PC or external drive for long term storage.


  • Night vision, motion detection and two-way audio.
  • Pan and tilt feature.


  • Zoom feature is only available on the app.
  • Memory card does not ship with the camera.


The Kamtron Wi-Fi IP Camera and Nanny Cam offers all that you need as far as surveillance and security is concerned. You get all these features for a price of $79 on Amazon. Pretty much a bang for your bucks right?


Dream Liner XmartO 8 Channel Security Camera

Review of Dream Liner XmartO 8 Channel 960p HD Wireless Security Camera System with 8x 960p HD 1.3Megapixel WiFi IP Cameras (Auto-Pair, NVR built-in Router, 80ft IR, No HDD) 


There are quite a number of wireless security cameras in the market these days, having a brand that is easily recognized is a wise idea. The Dream Liner xmarto is a plug and play camera which means once you unbox it, you do not have much work to do other than to start making use of it right away. The steps are really simple; put on the camera and NVR then connect the NVR to a monitor. You will then be able to view recorded footage from the camera on the monitor. Although, the camera is a little bit pricey considering the fact that it costs $449.99 on Amazon, it nonetheless makes a good way to spend that amount of money.

dreamliner wireless security camera

Product features and details 

This wireless security camera comes with eight 960p HD outdoor night vision wireless cameras that come with two Wi-Fi antennas and strong built-in router. The NVR ensures stable wireless connection of up to a thousand feet in open area and up to 200 feet with different obstacles. This means the camera will work properly anywhere within your home or business building.

Each camera has a resolution of 1280 x 960p and they support motion recording, time scheduled recording as well as manual recording. Files can be easily backed up using USB port and supports a 3.5” SATA High definition display which supports a memory capacity of up to 6 terabytes. The cameras also have motion detection feature and recorded footage can be viewed in high definition display remotely on either a smartphone, PC or tablet.


  • High definition recording resolution: 960p (1280 x 960)
  • 4 x 4mm lens and 4 x 6mm lens to see wider and further respectively.
  • IR infrared LED arrays capable of capturing a distance of up to 80 feet.
  • Working Temperature: – 4°F-140°F
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n
  • Weather-proof metal housing

What is contained in the box? 

  • One 8CH 960p HD NVR
  • 8 x 960p night vision IP cameras.
  • 8 x 12v 1A Adapters for cameras.
  • 1 x 12v 3A power adapter for NVR
  • One 3 feet network cable.
  • One mouse.
  • One user guide


  • All the 8 cameras have night vision
  • Weatherproof camera that can work both indoors and outdoors.
  • Presence of 3dB antennas that can be detached and upgraded to higher decibels.
  • At $499.99, it sure looks a bit pricey but it provides good value for the expensive price.
  • Great customer support
  • Live playback from anywhere.


  • The directions of usage in the user manual are not properly written.
  • With the motion sensor set to the lowest settings, false alarms still go off.
  • Email alerts do not give snapshot of the alert so you do not see what is going on until you log in manually.


The Dream Liner Xmarto offers good value for money and if you are looking for a holistic camera that can cover a wide area while recording in really high quality at any time of the day, this is the wireless security camera to go for.

The Blink XT Security Camera Review

Review of The Blink XT Security Camera

The Blink XT is an indoor security camera that offers Full HD video recording which offers infrared night vision. Although there is a previous camera made by Blink as well, but the Blink XT can “see” at night unlike the previous version which makes use of a bright light to record in low light conditions. The Blink XT switches to night vision mode automatically once the light goes dim around it and it can record up to 20 feet in this mode. Now there is not much difference between the Blink XT and most of the other cameras available. You can say that, but before you think it may not be worth it, the Blink XT can run on a battery for up to two years. In the camera industry, that is a “super power”. Another distinct feature is the fact that this camera is cordless, except of course the fact that it needs a Sync Module to work.

The Blink Security System Setup Is Currently Featured


The Sync Module is placed inside the house and connected to a source of power while the Blink XT camera itself is placed within range of the Sync Module. For those who have a Blink system, the Blink XT works with the current Sync Modules. However, there is a new Sync Module which is better than the previous one. One Sync Module can support up to ten cameras.


Memory and Storage 

The Blink XT Sync Module supports flash drive to store files locally and there is access to free cloud storage. 7,200 seconds of video or 1,440 five-second event clips can be stored and once the memory gets full, the clips get deleted starting from the oldest. Available clips can be viewed from the Blink camera application which is available on iOS App Store and Google Play.


Free Security Features

The Blink XT Security Camera makes sure you are kept safe at no extra cost and it has motion detection feature which you will have to arm and disarm. This feature can also be customized in order so as to get more accurate alerts. The sensitivity of the detector can also be adjusted as well as the length of the clip. Once the camera detects motion, the alarm does not only go off, it starts recording right away. Blink has also entered a partnership with Amazon Echo using the smart home assistant, Alexa. Your blink camera can be armed, disarmed and event history can be reviewed.


  • Cordless Design
  • Long battery life of up to two years.


  • Absence of smart motion features
  • Requires sync module


Blink XT is available on Amazon for $119.99 which is quite fair considering the amazing features and most especially, the super battery power. As much as this camera requires the use of a Sync Module that must be connected to a power source, the new Sync Module has battery and 4G backup. The camera should also be within the range of the Sync Module for best performance. This is a recommended security camera if you are not looking to be bother about battery power which is a major problem in other security cameras.

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