The best 10 dance clubs in athens, ga

Greece is among the countries with the most intense nightlife. There’s a thriving live-music scene in winter, with the gamut of greek music from the popular soulful greek blues (rembetika) to jazz, rock and international acts. Withlocals’ greek nightlife tour will have you strolling through popular nightlife districts with a local athenian guide to point out their most-loved neighbourhoods, restaurants, and bars. Some greece clubs even organize theme parties and special nights.

They are open from 5 to 7 days a week, depending on the popularity of the club. With an industrial baroque aesthetic, a top of the line sound and lighting system, and the best dj and live acts, combined with a unique approach to partying, lohan nightclub fever μαζωνακης is redefining nightlife one party at a time. If you go into psiri on a weekend night there will be live greek music coming from many of the restaurants.

With a hip hop and r&b only music policy, this deliberately boutique club focuses specifically on delivering elite hospitality to a clutch of athens most fashionable movers and shakers. You sip your cocktail slowly, while the music gets you into the groove and the city spreads out in front of you, inviting you to join in its vibrant nightlife. If you are a night owl, a night in psiri, beginning at a quiet ouzerie like cafe evi or mavros gatos or a less quiet place on miaouli like arodou, great for people watching, or any of the other former ouzeries, now cafe-bars, on maiouli.

Some greece clubs are open air and others are located on the hilltops with night view to the sea. The biggest chapter of nightlife consists of the mega-music stages where the most popular voices in greece perform their hits. At the beach bars the dj’s selections segue from chill to dance, the beat pulsates under the heat of the sun, while you dance barefoot on the sand, champagne glass in hand.

Located at is a secluded summer club called the transistor, the nightclub opens at 11 pm every day and shuts down at 4 am. If you visit this bar on a friday night, you will see guests drinking, chatting and having a swell time. The lazy rock stage bar has been keeping the nightlife of athens bubbling for over a decade and visitors troop into the bar every night to watch different rock bands in action.

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